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Canoe Seat and Backrest



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Forever Canoe Seat

Canoe Seat
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Finally!! A Canoe Seat that is built to last forever - well almost forever. The White Salmon Boat Works Canoe seat is constructed with the finest 3/4"white ash hardwood (other hardwoods are available). There are two (eight total) ¼" x 3" hardwood dowel pins in each Forever Seat joint(s). We use only the strongest lacing as possible - 1/4" nylon tubing. This is the same webbing that was I originally used for lacing wooden snowshoes - extremely storng and abrasion proof. The tubing ends are epoxyed at the bottom of the seat for strength and there are NO cumbersome knots to get caught on. Gorilla glue is use to hold the frame together for lasting strength. Finally, three coats of the finest varnish from Z-Par. This "Captains" varnish has the highest concentration of UV flitter available! Three coats are applied for a durability, protection which gives it a beautiful golden brown color.


Canoe Backrest

Backrest w/Seat
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If you like fishing out of a canoe or rowboat, or you're planning a long expedition or maybe you just want a lazy afternoon paddle - this is the backrest for you. This backrest really works! Like all White Salmon Boat Works Canoe seats are "guaranteed" for the life of the seat.

The best feature of the White Salmon Boat Works Canoe Seat Backrest is that it's adjustable. It has two positions for a comfortable fit, 80 degrees and 70 degrees. This seat is comfortable for long periods of seating - no backaches here. What's really handy about this seat is that you can portage your canoe without hand-carrying the seat back. When not in use the Backrest back slides under the canoe seat. It is held in place with Backrest bracket. Not only cna you portage your canoe but you can leave the Backest under the seat while transporting your canoe on the car top. The Seat Backrest is easy to install - simply bolt it to your existing seat with four stainless steel bolts that are provided. The materials used in the Canoe Seat are the same as in the construction of the Canoe Seat Backrest.

Height of backrest from the seat is 16". Backrest webbing size is 11 inches square - folded seat is 4 inches deep.

Backrest without seat
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view of backrest when folded




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