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Skamania Lodge - Stevenson WA

Custom Boat Building by shop owner Ray Klebba

If you're too busy to build your own boat - we will build the boat of your dreams.

We take the time to help you decide which is the right boat for your needs, whether it's a solo, tandem, day tripper, expedition or fishing boat.

Looking for the perfect display model to hang in your cabin, store or lodge? How about a model for your desk? We can build to boat for your needs.

Smooth Lines
Ray Klebba & The White Salmon Pram
Built for Cindy - White Salmon, Wa

Awarded Best Row Boot at the
Portland Wooden Boat Show 2001

Ray Klebba is a master craftsman with 15 years of experience in designing and building award winning boats.

Quality craftsmanship is a trademark of Ray Klebba's work. When you first look at one of his boats, the remarkable shapes and artistic designs will draw you to the boat. Upon closer inspection you see that both shape and contrasting colors of wood have been woven together to create a powerful visual effect. His specialized woodstrip construction method and plans are home to the "Stars", the award winning sea kayaks.

Select your boat from one of our plans or if you have a boat design of your own then contact us today and we will build your Dreamboat tomorrow.

A Custom Built Small Fry Canoe
Overhead View Pram
Takalak Canoe -Pittsburgh, Pa.

Shell Star - Hood River Hotel, Hood River

Kenosha Canoe -Pittsburgh, Pa.

White Salmon Pram - Seattle, Wa

Kenosha Canoe -Pittsburg, Pa.

Kenosha Canoe - Portland, OR

Kenosha Canoe - Portland, OR

10' Wherry, Sacramento, Ca

Custom Built Boat Prices


As we all know prices continue to change as time moves forward. Instead of individual pricing for each canoe model canoe, sea kayak or row boat, I have changed my policy for the pricing format on the web page. The price list below is the starting price for each model. The price changes with types of exotic wood, modifying the boats patterns and the time frame the boat needs to be finished. For more precise pricing please contact me and we will discuss the issues.




All Custom Canoe pricing starts at $9,000 plus shipping and handling charges.


Sea Kayaks


Custom built Sea Kayaks start at $9,500 plus shipping and handling charges.



Row Boats


The White Salmon Pram starts at $8,500 plus shipping and handling charges.


The 10' Wherry Row Boat starts at $9,5,000 plus shipping and handling charges.


The 14' Wherry Row Boat starts at $10,000 plus shipping and handling charges.

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