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Plans are not created equal! We all have done it -looked at a plan and asked ourselves "What are they trying to say."

At White Salmon Boat Works we use the "Study Plan Method" to make the job easier. The purpose of the study plan is show enough information about the hull shape, seat placement, to permit the potential builder to make a decision as to whether this is the boat he or she wants to build.




Our plans also include all useful information such as strongback length, station distances, rocker information, saddle construction. They are easy to read and filled with lots of photos.

And most importantly these plans have help build many boats so they are "Tried and True"




Our plans show profile of the boat from the side, a view looking down at the top (called a plan view), the shape of the hull at the waterline, and bow and stern views. All plans are "Full Size" patterns for easy copy.

All plans have been created using the latest CAD & Rhinoceros program layout.




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Sea Kayak Plan $135.00 . Canoe Plan $95.00 . Boat Plan $135.00


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Polar Star

Columbia Star

Shell Star

Shell Star

Twin Star Sea Kayak

Twin Star

Kenosha Canoe


Small Fry Canoe

Small Fry

Wahkeena Canoe


Klickitat Canoe


Too Busy ? We Can Build Your Dreamboat

Takalak Canoe


White Salmon Pram Row Boat

White Salmon Pram

Wherry Row Boat

Wherry Row Boat

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