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Small Fry Canoe

Small but Strong ~ Fun to Explore ~ Easy to build


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"Small Fry"

Like the young salmon this boat is named after it is small but strong and ready for adventure. Weighing in around 30 lbs this little boat is the perfect creek boat. Or fun to explore your local pond or backwater where its hard to reach with other boats.

We all heard of the Itty Bitty, Sweet Pea and of coarse the Wee Lassie. The Small Fry has a little of all three of the fun boats.

Its only 11'6" long but is 30" wide. You seat well below the water line so its is stable enough for daydreaming - its a great birdwatchers boat. Fun and easy to build you will be a proud owner of the enjoyable boat.

Small Fry Canoe

Plans: $95.00 . Basic Kit: $1,300 Complete Kit: $2,700


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